E-Z Services Terms of Service

  • - No creating alts/Ban evading.

    You agree to making 1 account and 1 account only as well as agreeing not to ban evade

  • - No refunds for any purchases.

    You agree you cannot refund your purchases. They are digital items and are declared "used" on purchase.

  • - No illegal content of any kind.

    You agree to not upload gore, indecent images of minors, pirated movies/shows and anything else that can be considered illegal

  • - No account or credential sharing.

    You agree to not share your email, password, upload key or ShareX config

  • - No IP logging, phishing, or spreading malware.

    You agree to not use e-z's uploader, shortener, pastes, or embeds for malicious purposes

  • - No spam uploading, spam creating shortners, or spam creating pastes

    You agree to not spam any of our tools

  • - No abusing any bugs or exploits.

    You agree to report any bugs or exploits you find without using them to your advantage

  • - No selling/trading invites or accounts.

    You agree to not sell or trade invites or accounts

  • - These terms of service are subject to change at any point.

    You agree to the fact that we can update the ToS at any point