E-Z Services Privacy Policy (Updated June 7th, 2024)

  • - Definitions

    This Privacy Policy ("Policy") is designed to inform you about how E-Z Services ("we", "our", or "us") collects, uses, discloses, and protects your personal information. When we refer to "we", "our", or "us" in this Policy, we are referring to E-Z Services, which may include its affiliates, subsidiaries, and employees, as applicable. When we refer to "you" or "your" in this Policy, we are referring to you, the individual or entity using our services, visiting our website, or interacting with us in any way.

  • - When you register.

    After successfully registering at E-Z Services we store your username, hashed password, hashed IP, email and date of registry.

  • - When you login.

    After successfully logging in at E-Z Services your last login date, session cookie and hashed IP are stored.

  • - When you upload.

    After successfully uploading files to E-Z Services the file is uploaded to our storage provider and your hashed IP is stored.

  • - When we recieve a report.

    If we recieve a report that is directly about you or involves you we will notify you about said report. Depending on the nature of the report we may temporarily blacklist your account to investigate. If the report includes a file that you have uploaded and that file is found to be in violation of our TOS we may look at the other content you have uploaded to better understand the severity of the violation.

  • - Where your data is stored.

    Our servers are located in Ashburn, Virginia.

  • - Where your files are stored.

    We use Cloudflare R2 buckets which are located in the US on the east coast.

  • - Disclosure of data.

    We may disclose your data if required to do so by law. In other cases, we will only disclose your information with your consent. We will never sell your data, or hand it over to third-parties outside of what we explained previously.

  • - Data retention/deletion

    We will continue to store your data for as long as it is needed to maintain your access to our website. If you want to request the deletion of your data you may contact us through our email at privacy@e-z.gg. We actively check incoming requests daily and on average you will get a response after 24 hours. Upon proving ownership of the account we will redact all of your personally identifying information from our database and any mirror or backup of the database. We will also delete all of your uploaded files, shorteners, pastes, and your bio page. All that is left after a data deletion is your UID, UUID, and Username. Please be aware that when your data is deleted your access to the website is removed. Once the data deletion process is completed any emails or messages sent in relation to the request will also be deleted. To protect our services we may deny your data deletion request if we have sufficient proof of the request being made to carry out fraudulent or abusive behavior.

  • - DDoS Protection

    All of our website requests are passed through Cloudflare. You can find their privacy policy @ https://www.cloudflare.com/privacypolicy

  • - Underaged Users.

    We require you to be 13 years of age or older. We will never knowingly collect data from children under the age of 13. If you are a parent and need to contact us please do so through our email at privacy@e-z.gg.

  • - Changes to our policy.

    We can update this privacy policy at any point in time to comply with new laws so it is a good idea to regularly check in. Updates to the privacy policy that may be concerning will be announced in our discord server. The update date can be found at the top of the page.

  • - Contact us about other concerns

    If you have any privacy concerns or questions you may contact us through our discord server or through our email at privacy@e-z.gg.