Frequently Asked Questions

  • - What is is a service that utilizes upload tools like ShareX to capture screenshots and video clips to instantly get a shareable link

  • - How do I setup

    There are tutorials for each platform on the settings page of the dashboard

  • - What is is a biolink service that allows you to put all of your social media links and other links in once place on one customizable link

  • - How do I get access?

    For $3 you get access to both and You can purchase on our sellix page

  • - What is premium?

    Premium is a one time payment to upgrade your account. Premium gives you 100mb per file instead of the regular 25mb, gives you 1 extra invite per invite wave, gives you a secondary alias for your bio page, allows you to use special unicode characters and emojis in your bio url, gives you a special badge on, and gives you a special role in the discord server

  • - How do I get premium?

    You can donate a domain or pay $5. You can purchase premium on our sellix page

  • - Is there an upload limit?

    25mb per file for non premium and 100mb per file for premium. There is no overall storage limit but you are expected to use this within reason. E-Z is not meant to be used as drive storage. E-Z is meant to be used as a quick way to share screenshots, video clips, and other files.

  • - What platforms do you support?

    We have solutions for every platform you could think of. Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, and Android