E-Z Services

High-quality and easy to use web services.

The team at e-z has a burning passion for creating high-quality web services that are easy to use and understand. We strive to offer the best experience possible for our users.

What Have We Made?

Who are the people behind it?

  • SKRRRTTOwner

    Owner/Frontend Developer of E-Z. Started and funds the entire project.

  • TsoxasDeveloper

    Backend Developer of E-Z. Been developing for E-Z since July 2021.

  • ZackManager

    Very productive and very active within the community!! (real)

  • VerityAdmin

    Professional brit and fullstack developer. Has like 100k views on UC.

  • RageSR Mod

    Avid C# fan. Probably vaping or reading the DSharpPlus docs.

  • YanSR Mod

    French man who made MacOS app for E-Z.Host. Apple's #1 fan.

  • uNightSR Mod

    Probably doing Brazilian activities like committing fraud.

  • FentModerator

    OSU player, VR Chat edater and CSGO cheater. Plays CSGO with a drawing tablet.

  • LoudModerator

    Makes golang gopher fanfic. Avid image host enjoyer and silly c++ developer.

  • KyuikiModerator

    Pro JS developer. Made the server-side image borders for E-Z.Host

  • lotusModerator

    Active member of the e-z community. Has a good music taste.

  • lemmieModerator

    lotus's eboyfriend. Professional CS surf player. Probably a femboy.